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Platinum Round Brilliant Crossover

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Carat is the measure of weight used for diamonds and gemstones, 1 carat is equal 0.2 grams
For white diamonds the colour is graded by the lack of colour the diamond has. Diamond colour grades can range from D to Z, grade D being the highest colour grade and the higher quality diamond.  At Steven Stone we only sell diamonds with a colour grading D-J.
Diamond clarty is measured by the number of imperfections or flaws a diamond has. These flaws are microscopic but have an effect on the value of the diamond.  Gemmologists grade the clarity of the diamond by the amount of blemishes and inclusions the diamond has, with IF graded as flawless. At Steven Stone we provide diamonds with a clarity grade of IF to SI1.
Fluorescence is the measurement of the soft coloured light some diamonds emit when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays, creating a slightly blue or milky white tint. Fluorescence rarely effects the visual quality of a diamond to the naked eye, and does not interfere with the structure of the diamond or gem.
The full height of the diamond divided by its average girdle diameter. This is one of the main factors that adds to a diamond's appearance, brilliance and fire.
The table is the largest facet of the diamond which can be seen when the stone is face up. The table facet refracts light as it enters the diamond allowing reflected light rays from the pavilion facets back out to the observer. The table percentage is the table size compare to the average diameter of the gem.
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Round 0.20ct J SI1 GIA Very Good Excellent Very Good £232.94 Select
Round 0.21ct J SI1 GIA Good Good Good £234.43 Select
Round 0.20ct H SI1 GIA Excellent Excellent Excellent £242.28 Select
Round 0.20ct H SI1 GIA Very Good Excellent Good £252.92 Select
Round 0.22ct I SI1 GIA Very Good Very Good Good £267.49 Select
Round 0.22ct G SI1 GIA Good Good Good £274.45 Select
Round 0.20ct J VS2 GIA Very Good Good Excellent £275.24 Select
Round 0.20ct J VS2 GIA Very Good Very Good Very Good £278.26 Select
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Platinum Round Brilliant Crossover

Design Id: #526       Metal: Platinum 950
Diamond Shape: Round       Top Width: 1.00mm
Bottom Width: 2.50mm       Setting Type: Channel
Head Metal: Platinum 950       Min Diamond Size: 0.20ct
Max Diamond Size: 0.62ct       Ring Style: Solitaires
A crossover style engagement ring. The ring is set in platinum and features a round brilliant cut diamond. This setting is suitable for a round brilliant cut diamond between 0.20ct and 0.62ct. If you were to require this design to feature a larger diamond, then please do contact us.
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