Diamond Cuts A buyers Guide

Many people often mistake the cut of the diamond with the shape of the diamond. However the diamond cut is actually the style and design of the diamond when cut from the rough and has a great impact on the diamonds outward appearance and sparkle. Higher quality diamond cuts often have the following shapes – round, pear, oval, radiant, marquise, princess, cushion and heart shapes.

A selection of

A selection of brilliant diamond shapes

Diamond cuts with less brilliance are usually emerald cut and asscher cuts.

Step cut diamond shapes

The cut of the diamond is about the quality and sparkle of the diamond and the different angles the diamond has. Different diamond cuts can include ideal cuts, fine cuts, deep cuts and shallow cuts. A good diamond cut gives a diamond its brilliance and brightness. The diamonds cut grade depends on its proportions and angles – the commonly known cut grades are shallow cut, ideal cut and deep cut. When a diamond is cut well, light enters through the top of the diamond, traveling through where it reflects from one side to the other and then reflects back out of the diamond through the top – giving the diamond the maximum brilliance and sparkle. This can be seen on the image below where the arrows represent the light reflecting in and out of the different diamond cuts.
examples of diamond cut

The Diamond Cut

For poorly cut diamonds– usually shallow cut and deep cut the light that enters the diamonds from the top, hits the side facet but then escapes from either the bottom or sides of the diamond rather than reflecting back through the top of the diamond – resulting in lower quality brilliance. The excellent grade refers to the ideal cut diamond and means that the diamond is perfectly proportioned. Diamond specialists offer excellent advice and service to guide you in the right direction to purchase your perfect diamond.