Justin Bieber has Bought a Diamond Grill

Justin Bieber will be wearing a sparkle in his smile in the form of a new diamond grill! Justin Bieber has brought a diamond grill The young 17 year old pop sensation Justin Bieber has bought a custom designed diamond grill encrusted with the finest diamonds of course. The diamond grill screams bling and covers around six teeth. Bieber stated that he bought the diamond grill for his Halloween costume, but is this a little excessive for a Halloween costume? Or is it just an excuse for the young start to show his wealth and success off to all his fans? Ben Baller, from If & Co, who designed the diamond grill for bieber made it clear to all fans on the Biber website that the diamond grill was not a permanent fixture – β€œTo all the billions of Justin Bieber fans – I do NOT make permanent grills, I only do the ones that are removable, you can put them on and take them off within seconds and they’re for fashion and fun. Relax, your little heart throb is not ruining anything.”