A sign of “times have changed” Traditionally men have always proposed to women, however it today’s modern world are women popping the question more often than men? A recent study by Swoon – the online dating website suggests that one in ten women have proposed to their partner and around 75% are becoming un-patient in their relationships and want their partners to propose. Now a days research shows that when men do propose just one in five get down on one knee. Is romance dead in the world of marriage proposal? Or is it a sign of modern times? Many women also stated that their proposal were not a surprise, as many couples are discussing marriage. Many believe that the recession has had negative effects on the number of men proposing, as weddings and engagement rings can be costly. Many couples are now planning their future together and discussing marriage plans, making the whole experience less spontaneous and romantic. Is proposing a man’s job? And should be a big event with lots of planning? Do men need to be the ones buying engagement rings and getting down on one knee?