As Dane Elizabeth Taylors jewels sweep the nation in exhibitions and auctions across the world, there have been reports that David Beckham wants to splash out and buy some for Victoria. To show his love and care for his wife Victoria, who has recently given birth to their fourth child, daughter Harper Seven, David wants to buy £2.9 million worth of diamonds from Liz Taylor’s dazzling jewellery collection. The auction for Taylor’s glorious collection of rare diamond jewels is set to take place next month at Christie’s auction house. A source stated that since the arrival of their fourth child, they feel like newlyweds again so David wants to express his love with an expensive gift. It seems that David has fallen in love with his wife Victoria all over again since the arrival of Harper, he cooks her romantic surprise, candle lit dinners and now wants to lavish hew with diamonds. We wonder if he will buy victoria one of Elizabeth Taylors rarest jewels known as the Taylor Burton diamond, found in 1966 this diamond is 62.42 carats weight and was cut by Harry Winston into a pear shape. See images of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery collection.