New Trend – Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings are becoming the hottest new trend in the world of celebrities. It began when Kate Middleton was given Princess Dianna’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring from Prince William. A sapphire engagement ring has been popular in the royal family for generations. Princess Anne and the Queen mother both were given sapphire engagement rings. Many jewellers noted a significant increase it the sales of sapphire rings since the announcement of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge engagement. It seems that celebrities also want a bit of royal tradition on their fingers, with Elizabeth Hurley new sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Penelope Cruz was also given a sapphire engagement ring given to her by Javier Barden. The deep navy stone is a symbol of love and commitment and is the perfect choice for an engagement ring. A sapphire stone is also known as the blue sister of ruby, as they come from the same mineral. Although we see many blue stoned sapphire engagement rings, sapphires also come in a variety of other colours including yellow, pink an orange. The rarest sapphire stone the world has seen is known as the Star of India, discovered nearly three hundred years ago and is an amazing 536 carats. kate middleton sapphire engagement ringliz hurley saphire engagement ring What are your thoughts on sapphire engagement rings?