According to research by QVC shopping channel’s jewellery department 80% of women are happy to wear fake diamonds. And 65% of women could not tell the difference between fake and real diamonds. The statistics were the results of a survey the shopping channel sent to over 1,000 Brits. The results show that fake diamonds with a convincing appearance and lower price point are more appealing than the real deal. The survey also discovered that men are just as bad, with a whopping 72% of men that can’t tell the difference between a real and fake diamond. 46% of those men admitted they would happily buy their loved ones copies of real diamond jewels to save cash, as they couldn’t tell the difference. 36% of men also confessed they would spend no more than £100 on a single piece of jewellery for their loved ones. It seems that the high price of diamonds sways a high percentage of Brits to wear fake, imitated diamond jewellery due to being clueless about diamonds and admitting they couldn’t tell the difference between a real and fake cut diamond. The survey also reviled Britain’s votes on the top iconic jewels worn in big movies over the years. The top jewels included the heart shape sapphire and diamond pendant Kate Winslet wore in Titanic and the ruby and diamond necklace Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman. What are your thoughts… Are imitation diamonds more desirable than real ones? Would you happily wear fake diamonds? And can you really tell the difference?