Emerald Cut Diamonds – The Perfect Engagement Ring

Princess cut and round brilliant diamonds are the most common choice for engagement rings, however, it seems that Emerald cut diamonds are becoming popular in today’s market. emerald cut diamond engagement ring Originally the “emerald cut” was developed for the cutting of emeralds, it wasn’t considered until later that the emerald cut was also suitable for other stones, including diamonds. This cut of diamond currently adorned by The Dutchess of Cornwall and celeb’s like Kim Kardashian, who recently received a remarkable 20 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring, is becoming an increasingly popular style. The emerald cut diamond presents a classic, timeless look for engagement rings and shows off a diamonds best assets. Due to its long lines an emerald cut diamond can have a magnificent appearance with dramatic and broad flashes of light to other cuts of diamonds. If you desire a high quality stone but don’t have the budget, emerald cut diamonds are ideal. Alongside the traditional Round Brilliant cut and the trendy contemporary Princess Cut diamond, the emerald cut is a viable option in today’s diamond market. The cut is also referred to as “step cut” due to the ascending stacked appearance of the diamond giving the appearance of steps. The cut of the diamond can be in either a square or rectangular shape. Emerald cut diamonds look fantastic as large exaggerated stones whilst not seeming over indulgent. The emerald cut diamond engagement ring is a different and unique style to other diamond engagement rings, a reason why many women are beginning to prefer this look. We recommend a solitaire setting for an engagement ring either with a single emerald cut diamond or with accent diamonds on the shoulder of the ring.