Gold Shoe Laces Could be Yours for $19,000

gold shoe laces Are you gold crazy? If so you will love these exclusive 24 carat gold shoe laces for your sneakers and shoes. The gold shoe laces are made using ancient, artisan jewellery techniques and will set you back $19,000 update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = £12,000). To add to their exclusivity – only ten pairs of gold laces will be made ever. Each shoe lace is hand-woven using gold or silver threads and takes 120 hours to make. If you choose to purchase a set of laces you can even expect them to be delivered with security and someone to lace them for you. If Gold laces are a bit too much for you, there is a cheaper option in the form of silver. Silver laces can be bought for $3,000 update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = £1, 900). The creator – Colin Hart of these luxury show laces was inspired while working in Colombia. He came across a family who made hand-woven bracelets with thin threads of gold and silver – “The most beautiful hand woven bracelets” Colin Hart, explains that shoelaces are boring and hopes that his blinged-out offerings will attract people who enjoy the “practical made special.” Gold shoe laces have already proven to be a success with one set sold already. Would you buy gold shoe laces?