Colour Blocking: New Engagement Ring Trend

The colour blocking trend is big on the runways this fall and is set to become popular for engagement rings. You have probably seen the high streets and fashion magazines packed with the colour blocking trend with deep vibrant colours all over the place, including tangerine, fuchsia , red, yellow and purple. These vibrant colours are becoming popular in jewels and especially for engagement rings. Many brides still prefer white diamonds for their engagement rings; many are now opting for a bright, vibrant coloured stone that suits their personality. Some brides are also choosing their birthstone for the centre gem, m in their engagement rings. Coloured diamonds are expensive and extremely rare, which is a reason many choose not to go for a coloured gem engagement ring. However here are two alternative gems that fit the bill for the Colour Blocking trend. Tanzanite – a vivid coloured stone, mined in the East African state of Tanzania. Tanzanite is the birth stone for December. The colour of tanzanite is blue with a purple surrounding. tanzanite enagagement ring Sapphire – Since Kate Middleton received Princes Diana’s blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring this year, sapphires have become a popular in the bridal market. The stone is an ideal for those seeking an alternative to a diamond engagement ring and comes in yellow, blue, pink, purple, orange and more. sapphire engagement rings For Bespoke engagement ring designs using colour blocking gems visit Steven Stone