Traditionally in Western and North America cultures women receive engagement rings to represent a formal agreement to future marriage with their partner. An engagement ring usually features diamonds or gemstones that symbolize love and commitment and is worn on the left hand ring finger. In other cultures engagement rings can often be used as wedding rings and in some cultures men and women wear matching engagement rings. Engagement rings date back to ancient Roman times where simple iron hoops were given, as it was believed the shape of a circle represented unity and endlessness, as a circle doesn’t have a beginning or end. Even further, engagement rings date back to ancient Egyptians, who wore rings on the left hand ring finger as they believed that’s where the ‘Vein of Love’ ran through to the heart. It wasn’t until the 13th century that betrothed rings were used in Western cultures. In today’s market, diamonds are recognised as the universal symbol of love as diamonds are durable, strong, and beautiful – just like a long lasting marriage. In Western cultures it was only the richest and noblest families that wore diamond engagement rings, however in 1870 diamonds became more affordable and available as several diamond mines were discovered in South Africa. Over the years engagement rings have become more common to wear as an agreement of marriage. Many Jewellers and online jewellers provide a variety of different options to buy engagement rings in different styles with different diamond shapes and characteristics. In current times the top selling diamonds for engagement rings are round brilliant diamonds and princess cut diamonds.