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Why Choose a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

After the news of the rare pear shaped yellow diamond, known as the ‘Sun Drop Diamond’ selling for £6.8 million at auction last week, we want to share with you out latest pear-shaped engagement rings added to Steven Stone’s fantastic engagement ring collection and why the diamond shape is the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Pear Shaped diamond engagement rings are perfect for extending finger length and beauty to a ladies wedding finger. The appearance of a pear shaped diamond resembles a tear or rain drop due to its rounded end and single point. The beauty and brilliance of a pear-shaped diamond has added to the popularity of the gem used in engagement rings. The shape of the diamond consists of 58 facets that will make a diamond engagement ring sparkle wonderfully. Here are some beautiful pear-shaped engagement rings we have recently added to Steven Stone. Each engagement ring exhibits an air of sophistication and elegance, resulting in a timeless style of engagement ring. shoulder set pear-shaped engagement ringpear-shaped engagement ringpear-shaped engagement rings The engagement rings above are available in only the best precious metals – 18 carat white gold, 18 carat yellow gold and platinum. As an added extra you are in charge when it comes to the quality of the engagement ring with our easy to use tool that allows you to pick the diamond cut, clarity, carat weight and colour, so you get to choose the price of the engagement ring. To prove the elegance and sophistication of a pear shaped diamond, Britain’s Princess Kate Middleton is often pictured wearing this diamond shape, like the beautiful diamond pear shaped drop earrings Kate wore on her royal wedding day.

kate middleton pear shaped diamond

Would you pick a pear shaped engagement ring?

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