Bella’s Twilight Wedding Dress Replicas go on Sale

Since the release of the latest Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, fans have been going crazy for Bella Swans wedding dress. So much so that replica of the wedding dress Kristen Stewart wore in the film went on sale yesterday. Bellas long sleved, silk wedding dress was created by designer Carolina Herrera and reportedly cost $35,000. The wedding dress features a cut-out illusion back, lace detailing on the sleeves and over 100 covered buttons. The designer Carolina said – “I wanted to create a magical moment that they had at the wedding. I am flattered to be asked to create the gown for the film,” The twilight wedding dress was designed to represent the character of Bella Swan and the themes in the Twilight films – romance, mystery and fantasy. twilighht wedding dressbella swan wedding dress replicas on sale The replica that went on sale yesterday can be yours for $799 in sizes 0-30W after Carolina announced she will be selling copies of the wedding dress in her CHNY boutiques. The replica of the wedding dress is designed to be more affordably, switching silk for satin, fewer buttons and cheaper lace. It seems that every generation of brides over the years have been inspired by iconic wedding dresses – from Grace Kelly to Princess Diana to Kate Middleton. Now it’s predicted Bella Swan’s wedding dress is going to be an iconic gown for years to come.