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The Queens- Prince Albert Sapphire and Diamond Brooch

To celebrate the magnificent Royal Jewellery Collection here is the Queens perfect blue Prince Albert Sapphire and Diamond Brooch.

The Queens- Prince Albert Sapphire and Diamond Brooch up close

The Queens- Prince Albert Sapphire and Diamond Brooch

The Queens stunning sapphire and diamond brooch was originally a gift from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria given to her at Buckingham Palace on 9 February 1840. The glorious brooch consists of a beautiful large oval shaped perfect blue sapphire surrounded by twelve round brilliant diamonds and is set in yellow gold. The carat weight of the sapphire centre stone has never been exposed to the public, however it is estimated to be 20-30 Carats and worth around £4 million plus the status of being royalty owned – adding more to its value. According to the diary of Queen Victoria, she received the sapphire brooch from Prince Albert the day before their wedding. Queen Victoria described the brooch as being ‘a splendid brooch, a large sapphire set round with diamonds, which is really quite beautiful’.
the queens sapphire and diamond brooch

The Queen wearing the magnificent sapphire and diamond brooch

Queen Elizabeth acquired the brooch when she was given the royal thrown and named the Queen.

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