Is Britney Spears Engaged?

britney spears engagedApparently pop singer Britney Spears is set get married after her former partner – agent Jason Trawick has been spotted browsing for engagement rings. The couple have been dating since 2009 and are reportedly extremely happy and ready for marriage. If the news is true and Britney Spears is getting engaged it will be third time lucky for the star after being divorced twice already. The engagement ring Britney will receive is bound to be a large impressive and expensive diamond engagement ring. It’s been reported that once Britney finishes her ‘Femme Fatale’ tour on December 10th in Puerto Rico, Jason will be whisking her away to a romantic location to pop the question. Some people have even said that the couple have been engaged for a while now and some have dismissed the rumour of Britney’s engagement ring. If the rumour is true and Britney Spears is engaged we can’t wait to see what her engagement ring will look like.