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This Week: Engagement Ring Casting

It’s the time of year to purchase a diamond engagement ring, pop the question to your loved one and announce to all your friends and family you’re engaged. We have been busy this week creating lots of engagement rings for our happy and excited customers, who are planning on getting engaged over the Christmas period. Check out the engagement rings we have casted this week all in-house with our special jewellery manufacturing machinery. Firstly each engagement ring setting was printed into a wax model ready to be welded onto a tree of wax.

building wax tree of engagement rings

Here you can see how we weld each wax engagement ring setting onto a stem of wax to create what is called a tree of wax

Once each wax engagement ring model was welded onto the wax stem, creating a tree of wax, it was then ready to be casted into the popular precious metal used for engagement rings – 18 carat white gold. This is how it looks –

how to make engagement rings

The tree of wax before casting into metal

how to make engagement rings

The tree of engagement rings casted into 18 carat white gold.

As you can see the wax has disappeared and turned into 18 carat white gold. This is due to the lost wax process that happened before the original wax tree was casted into metal. The lost wax process occurs when investment powder mixed with water is poured over the wax tree in a cylinder shaped can and left in an oven over night at a set temperature. The wax evaporates and the investment mix sets into moulds for the 18 carat white gold to be melted and poured into, using our casting machine.

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