Heart Shaped Diamonds – The Ultimate Symbol of Love

The heart shaped diamond represents the ultimate symbol of love and a perfect diamond for celebrating special occasions. Since diamonds became popular in the 1400’s to wear in jewellery pieces as ornaments, diamond cutters began to develop new diamond shapes including the heart shaped diamond. The heart shape diamond is essentially the same as a pear shaped diamond but with a cleft at the top. Heart shaped diamonds are the perfect choice for engagement rings, pendants and earrings. The heart shaped diamond usually consists of between 56 and 58 facets and often cut with the same French tips used in the Marquise and Pear shaped diamonds. The beautiful shape of the heart diamond sits perfectly in a solitaire heart shaped engagement ring, as a single stone pendant or as both stud and drop earrings. The shape of the diamond has a complex cut which requires very skilled cutting to ensure optimum brilliance. Heart shaped diamonds are relatively uncommon but create a distinctive, romantic piece of diamond jewellery. Below you will see a side view diagram and top view diagram of a heart shaped diamonds cuts proportions and its different facets. heart shape diamond engagement rings heart shape diamond If you want to purchase a heart shaped diamond to be set in either an engagement ring, pendant or earrings it’s hugely important to pay attention to the quality of the diamond you are buying – select the highest cut grade you can afford for the diamond to have maximum brilliance. You should also review the length to width ratio of the diamond to determine what proportions the heart shape diamond has before you buy.

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