Bespoke Diamond Ring Featuring a Turquoise Topaz Gem Stone

We were recently asked to incorporate a customers large semi precious natural turquoise topaz gem stone cut into a rectangular shape into a bespoke ring design featuring diamonds. The customer decided she wanted round brilliant diamonds set around the multi-faceted rectangular topaz gem stone. For a more traditional, vintage look our designer claw set the diamonds around the gemstone in order to allow maximum light to the round brilliant diamonds and the topaz centre stone. To accomplish a unique bespoke ring design our designer mixed 18 carat white and yellow gold. The band of the ring was casted in 18 carat yellow gold and the head of the ring was casted into 18 carat white gold.

bespoke ring design

In the image above you will see the initial design of the ring in computer images, ready to be printed in-house into a wax model. Once the computer design of the wax is printed into wax it was then cast into a mixture of 18 carat white and yellow gold. The image below shows the bespoke ring half set with the round brilliant diamonds and the white gold prongs ready to hold the topaz centre stone. The centre stone of this beautiful extravagant bespoke ring ranges in colour from pure sky blue to blue-green resulting in a turquoise coloured appearance. The semi precious centre stone is made of hydrated copper and aluminium phosphate – the copper is what gives the gem stone its turquoise colour.

topaz and bespoke diamond ring

The mount of the ring half set with round brilliant diamonds

bespoke diamond ring
bespoke diamond ring

Our goldsmith assembling the ring and setting the diamonds and the turquoise topaz ready for a final polish

The final finished bespoke ring features the turquoise topaz rectangular gem stone beautifully set in the centre of the ring in an 8-Claw, 18 carat white gold setting. The stone is surrounded by 22 claw set stunning round brilliant diamonds with a carat weight totalling 4.4ct. bespoke diamond ring custom made diamond ring
hand crafted diamond ring

unique diamond ring If you’re interested in designing a bespoke ring or a custom made jewellery piece with the help of our designer, view our bespoke jewellery service page. Take a look at how we custom create bespoke rings from the initial design concept, to the finished polish ring.

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