Sales of Online Engagement Increase in 2011

As sales of engagement rings increase in 2011 over the internet it seems that more people are inclined to buy diamond engagement rings and other jewellery online. A few years ago people would never choose to purchase a diamond engagement ring online as the internet was not as well trusted as it is today. Figures from online diamond sales show that more and more diamonds are being sold online. In recent years the internet has boomed with online sales over 40% higher than sales on the high street. It seems that people like the idea of sitting in the comfort of their own home purchasing goods with just a few simple clicks. With impressive images and high definition videos of engagement rings available to view on many online jewellers people are able to visualising in more depth the look, feel and touch of the engagement ring they are about to purchase.

Engagement Rings our Customers Have Recently Purchased Online

engagement rings

18 carat gold oval diamond engagement ring with two pear shaped side stones

engagement ring

3 stone princess cut engagement ring in 18 carat white gold

Another bonus about buying engagement rings online is the practise of stress free shopping without in shop sales pitches influencing your purchasing decision. With the average engagement ring costing a month to two months’ salary, it’s a big purchase for most people who need time to research and shop around for the perfect diamond and design of engagement ring – making the internet an ideal shopping tool. The internet is also a cheaper alternative to the high street so you are bound to find a top quality engagement ring at a lower price to high street jewellers. Not only does the internet have thousands of engagement ring styles and diamond types to choose from you can also learn all you need to know about diamonds before you purchase the perfect engagement ring.

More Engagement Rings Purchased online From Steven Stone

princess cut diamond engagement ring

Princess cut diamond engagement with round shoulder stones

emerald cut engagement ring

Platinum emerald cut engagement ring