Christmas Marriage Proposal Ideas

If you are planning on proposing this Christmas here are some great Christmas marriage proposal ideas. christmas marriage proposal idea You could hang the engagement ring you purchased on the Christmas tree in a Christmas themed box. After she has opened all her gifts tell her there is one more on the tree she has to find. Once she discovers it be on one knee waiting. Wrap the box the engagement ring came in in other bigger boxes so it appears larger. On Christmas day as she opens it be ready to ask the question when she opens the final box containing the engagement rings. Christmas lights can be a great idea to incorporate in to your marriage proposal. You could use them to spell out, “Will You Marry Me?” wherever you feel is the most meaning full place – maybe at home or the place you first met. Plan a romantic getaway for an evening at a special hotel or a big country manor and be ready to ask her the big question there. You could hang some mistletoe containing the engagement ring in a private place- maybe the door to your bedroom? Walk her up there, telling her you have something interesting to show her, and then kiss her under the mistletoe! Ask her whether she’d like to make it your first kiss as an engaged couple-and then go on with your proposal. Ask her to marry you on Christmas Eve – maybe during a romantic meal at home, in a restaurant, or on a romantic walk. The question will defiantly have her glowing all Christmas. Which ever way you decide to proposed to your love, we hope these marriage proposal ideas will help you decide how to propose to your love.