How We Create Engagement Rings

Here at Steven Stone we manufacture all engagement rings and other diamond and gem set jwellery.

See How We Create Engagement Rings

The first step to creating an engagement ring is choosing the diamond type – diamond shape, cut clarity colour and carat weight. Then you need to choose the style of engagement ring you want- whether it be a single diamond engagement ring, multiple diamonds, or shoulder set with diamonds. Once the style of the engagement ring is determined our in-house designer uses computer aided design to visualise the appearance of the engagement ring – as seen in the image below.

how to make an engagement ring
The first initial design of the engagement ring

Once the design of the engagement ring is complete the next stage is to print the design on the computer into a wax model of the ring using our top of the range Proto Wax printing machine. The image below shows the designed princess cut engagement ring printed into a wax 3D model ready to be casting into a desired precious metal.

wax model of engagement ring

Printing the design into a wax model ready to be casted into metal

The next step is to stick the engagement ring along with other engagement rings onto a wax stem to create what is known as a “tree of wax”. The wax tree is then placed into a can along with a mixture of investment powder and water which is poured over the tree and then place in an oven for 24 hours at a set temperature – know as the “lost wax process”. Basically while the wax is in the oven it evaporates and the investment mix creates a mould around where the wax engagement rings and were. After 24 hours of being in the oven the can is taken out and placed into the casting machine where the metal – either 18 carat white and yellow or platinum is poured into the can and the moulds of the engagement rings . In the image below you can see what the engagement ring looks like after it has been casted into metal.
engagement ring

The cast of the engagement ring

The next step is for the ring to be assembled and polished. Our skilled gold smith beautifully handcrafts each engagement ring by setting the diamonds, assembling the head of the ring and finally polishing the ring.
princess Cut engagement ring

A finished princess cut diamond engagement ring with round brilliant shoulder stones