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Steven Stone Creates Full Pear Shape Diamond Eternity Ring

The Meaning of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings symbolise never-ending love between a husband and wife and traditionally are given from a husband to a wife on a significant anniversary. An eternity ring is designed to have diamonds set all the way round the band of the ring which represents the idea of never ending love. The fashion for eternity rings started in the 1960’s due to an advertising campaign aimed at older married couples by leading diamond suppliers using the slogan – “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going”.

Pear-Shaped Diamond Eternity Ring Made In-House

Our specialist in-house jewellery design and jewellery manufacturing team created this special unique eternity ring for a customer who celebrating a special anniversary. full pear shaped diamond eternity ring This full diamond set eternity ring features beautiful pear-shaped diamonds claw set all the way around 18 carat white gold band. diamond eternity ring pear shape diamond eternity ring Once our designer prepared this pear-shaped eternity ring on the computer it was sent to be printed into a 3D wax model in order for our jewellery manufacturing technician to cast the band and the settings of the ring into 18 carat white gold. The next step was for our gold smith to assemble the ring by precision setting all of the pear-shaped diamonds and polishing the final eternity ring.

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