Diamond Display at Buckingham Palace for the Queens Diamond Jubilee

Buckingham Palace will display a selection of the Queens most dazzling royal diamonds this summer to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee marking her 60th year on the throne. Royal jewels exhibition will begin this August and will include: A necklace made of 25 cushion-cut diamonds with a 22.48 carat drop pendant in the centre. The necklace was worn by the queen in 1953 at her coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey. The diamond necklace has a rich royal heritage as it was originally created for Queen Victoria and was also worn by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary and the Queen Mother at their coronations. queens diamond necklace The South Africa necklace given to the Queen in 1647 on her 21st birthday The diamond miniature crown worn by the first British monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee – Queen Victoria in 1897. the queens diamond crown The girls of Great Britain tiara, which was originally the Queens grandmothers – Queen Mary who gave it to the Queen at her wedding to Prince Philip – know as “granny’s tiara”.