Why UK Church Wedding’s Increased by 4% Last Year

Since the Royal Weding last April between Prince William and Kate Middleton couples across the UK and celebs have been inspired to follow in their footsteps by marrying in a church. It seechurch wedding increasems the number of church weddings since the royal wedding has increased for the first time in several years. Research from the 2010 statistics released last week shows that 4% of couples in the UK are opting for a Church of England wedding service instead of a registrar or civil wedding ceremony. Weddings in churches increased to 54,700 in 2010 compared with 52,730 in 2009. However it isn’t just the general public opting for church weddings, celebs like Kate Moss and Lilly Allen both married in a church last July. Another reason for this current rise in church weddings could also be due to the recent changes of the Anglican Church relaxing church wedding ceremony rules in 2008. The change in 2008 allows couples who don’t attend their local church but have lived in the area for more than 6 months to marry in their local church. So since the Royal Wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last year its predicted church weddings will carry on increasing throughout 2012. Would you opt for a church wedding?