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Wedfit Designed Engagement Ring

We have recently added Wedfit designed engagement rings to our engagement ring collection online. A Wedfit engagement ringwill fit flush alongside most designs of wedding rings Working with our designer, a customer wanted to purchase a Wedfit engagement ring but wanted the design slightly custom made. The customer wanted to use a mixture of 18 carat yellow gold and 18 carat white gold. In the image below you will see the first step of creating the engagement ring on the computer before we began the production of the engagement ring. The customer decided they wanted an oval shaped diamond to be held elegantly, in a classic 4-claw setting. For something different our designer suggested the head on the ring should be cast into 18 carat white gold and the band of the ring into 18 carat yellow gold. The customer also made it clear that his girlfriend had small hands, so we decided an oval shaped diamond – due to its long body on a thin band would lengthen the fingers and not appear to over the top on smaller hands. The next step was to confirm the customer was happy with the design, before we began the manufacturing process. We sent the rendered image of the ring below to the customer, who was happy for us to go ahead and make the wedfit engagement ring.

wedfit engagement ring

A rendered image of the wedfit designed engagement ring we sent the customers before the ring was made.

Using our top of the range 3D wax printing machine, the band and setting of the engagement ring was printed into a 3D wax version, which was then casted into both 18 carat yellow gold and 18 carat white gold.

wedfit engagement ring

The finished engagement ring made and assembled by us! Ready to be sent to the customer

The image above shows the final real-life image of the finished, polished, assembled engagement ring. The oval diamond centre stone weighs 0.50 carats, colour grade E and clarity grade VS2. The 18 carat yellow gold band is the perfect choice mixed with an oval-shaped diamond for women with smaller hands and fingers.

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