A Rare White Diamond is set to Sell for Millions at Auction Today

Toronto-based auction house of fine art and jewellery are holding an auction today at Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver. The auction will feature a rare un-mounted white diamond totalling 28 carats expected to sell for over $1 million.

rare white emerald cut diamond

This rare white diamond is a large rectangular “emerald” cut diamond

Both the auction houses managing directors – Ritchie’s Auctioneers and Kashif Khan have said in the Vancouver Sun newspaper, the diamond will most likely be bought by an international dealer or collector. Also saying the diamond would be kept as an investment since it is very rare for anything over 20 carats to hit the open market. There is said to be interest in this rare emerald cut diamond from Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore, as well as local interest as there’s a lot of international money in Vancouver as people from all over the world have homes there. In addition to this remarkable emerald cut diamond the auction will also include a rare pink diamond called the Argyle Pink Jubilee Diamond, estimated to sell for $110,000 update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = £69,558). The pink diamond was found in Australia – where 90% of the worlds pink diamonds are mined. The pink diamond weighs 12.76 carats.