Happy Leap Day (When Woman are Allowed to Propose)

Today is the day where traditionally it’s acceptable for gender reversal marriage proposal – meaning, traditionally a woman can propose to a man. Normally, a man will buy an engagement ring, get down on one knee and ask for a woman hand in marriage; however on this special day every Leap year the tables are turned and woman can do this –perhaps with a mangagement ring. Back centuries ago if a man declined a woman’s marriage proposal on leap day they had to pay the woman a forfeit – usually in the form of money, a kiss or sometimes a silk dress. Planning a meaningful and romantic marriage proposal is a daunting and often traumatic task for a guy, prompting the question – will a woman take the time and consideration as a man if they are planning to propose today? Tell us how you feel about proposing to a man? Or if you did propose to your partner today – tell us how you did it? Did you get down on one knee like a man would traditionally? Did you ask your partners parents?