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Engagement Ring Questions – Platinum or White Gold?

We are frequently asked which metal – platinum or white gold? So here is a brief description of each of both precious metals to help you decide which metal you would refer for an engagement ring or other piece of jewellery.

Platinum for use in Engagement Rings

Platinum has impressive qualities as it has a higher percentage purity then gold – 95% pure, and is thirty times more rare update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = often reflected in the cost). A platinum engagement ring is also an extremely resistant, durable and hard wearing metal – perfect for everyday wear and tear when worn on fingers as it will remain looking new and fresh for years.

platinum or white gold for an engagement ring

Platinum in the rough

Platinum is also a great choose if you or your partner have sensitive skin, as its 95% purity means that it is naturally hypoallergenic.

White Gold for use in Engagement Rings

Pure gold, naturally is a precious metal that is always yellow in colour, but in order for gold to be white it’s mixed with other metals. Gold does not have a high purity like platinum when used in jewellery because it is just too soft in its purest form. So for use in jewellery gold will be combined with metals like silver, nickel and palladium to make it harder and more durable to wear everyday as an engagement ring or wedding ring.

platinum or white gold for an engagement ring

Gold in its natural form before mixed with other metals to make it white

Gold comes in four different carats – 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct which basically refers to the percentage of gold in relation to other metals and determines its price. For instance an 18 carat white gold engagement ring will consist of 75% pure gold mixed with 25% of other metals. To get the shine and whiteness on a finished white gold engagement rings, the ring is coated in the metal Rhodium – a metal very similar to platinum in colour and purity. But this plating will not last forever and you might need to get the ring re-plated now and again to keep it looking sparkly and new. You will find the costs of the two metals are different too, depending on which gold carat you opt for. 18 carat white gold is an exceptionally hard metal though, like its comparison platinum. So now you have read this brief over view on the two metals, depending which one you prefer, you can start looking through our magnificent engagement ring collection.

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