Two Designs of Bespoke Diamond Wedding Rings

We recently made these bespoke diamond wedding rings for a couple that wanted a unique design to suit their style. Both customers wanted their wedding rings to incorporate six round diamonds and an engraved star design on the band of the ring.

Two Part Bespoke Diamond Wedding Ring

The first bespoke diamond wedding ring combines a two part 18 carat white gold ring, designed to fit together like a jigsaw effect. The outside band of each interlocking ring features six round brilliant diamonds, set in rub over grooves in the metal of the ring. The round diamonds on the band total 0.14 carats. One part of the band also features the star design both customers wanted included on the ring, engraved into the 18 carat white gold band.

bespoke diamond wedding ring

The 18 carat white gold cast of both parts of the bespoke diamond wedding ring

bespoke diamond wedding ring

The finished two part bespoke designed diamond wedding ring set with the six round brilliant diamonds and the srat design

Six Round Brilliant Diamond Bespoke Wedding Ring

This bespoke diamond wedding ring was designed to look like a single stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring, as the round diamonds are set in a rectangular bezel shape. In total the ring features six round brilliant diamonds each weighing 0.03 carats both pavé and channel set in the emerald shaped bezel mount, to appear like one large rectangle diamond shape. The diamonds are mounted on an 18 carat white gold flat shaped band and the inside of the band is engraved with the same star design. bespoke diamond wedding ring bespoke diamond wedding ring