The Importance of a Well Cut Diamond

There are a few aspects you need to be aware of, if you are planning on buying your partner a diamond engagement ring. The ring style and diamond type is a symbol of your relationship, and will ultimately be a permanent fixture on your partner’s finger, so it’s not something you want to get wrong.

Understanding the importance of a Diamond Cut

The diamond cut is part of the Four C’s of diamonds characteristics along with colour, clarity and carat, which all determine a diamonds quality and price. The cut of the diamond does not refer to the shape of the diamondupdate `wp_posts` set `post_content` = round, oval, and pear) The cut refers to the diamonds symmetry, proportions and polish, mainly having an impact on the diamonds brilliance update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = sparkle and light reflection) For example if a diamond is cut poorly it will have less sparkle and be less luminous. The cut of a diamond is generally acknowledged as being a diamond’s defining characteristic.

Different Diamond Cuts

A diamond is usually cut in three different ways by diamond cutters – seen on the diagram below.

different diamond cuts

Three different diamond cuts light reflections - affecting brilliance and sparkle

In the diagram you can see the different types of diamond cuts – ideal cut, shallow cut and deep cut, with the arrows representing the light balance of each cut. If you want a diamond to be vibrant with maximum brilliance and sparkle, an ‘ideal’ cut reflects light in through the top surface of the diamond hitting the edges and reflecting back through the surface of the diamond. If the diamond is cut too ‘deep’ or ‘shallow’ light will not reflect through the surface of the diamond, resulting in less brilliance and sparkle. The cut of a diamond is the only characteristic that is not influenced by nature and is completely affected by diamond cutters. So, before you go shopping for engagement rings, diamond wedding rings or even diamond eternity rings make sure you understand the importance of a diamond cut.