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Halle Berry’s One-of-a-Kind Engagement Ring

Recently Halle Berry got engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez, who presented her with an emerald stone engagement ring, instead of a popular diamond engagement ring. Halle’s engagement ring is custom-made and reportable cost $100,000 update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = 62,399)

halle berry engagement ring

Halle Berry's emerald engagement ring

Halle’s engagement ring has an art-deco, antique look due to its large, green emerald and bespoke etching design on the band of the ring. Her engagement ring is unique as its main centre stone is a 4 carat green emerald. The emerald is beautifully set in 18 carat gold and the custom-designed ring features etching on the band that could symbolise something special to the couple.
halle berry engagement ring

Halle showing off her art-deco style emerald gem stone engagement ring

Halle’s birthstone is a green peridot gem stone, which is why we think Olivier opted for a green emerald stone over the usual diamond, for her engagement ring.

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