The 12.04 Carat “Martain Pink Diamond” Set to Sell for $10 Million

This May, Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent jewels sale will showcase the largest fancy intense pink diamond to ever appear at auction and is set to sell for $10 million update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = £6.2 million)

rare pink diamond

The“Martain Pink Diamond”

The pink diamond, weighing 12.04 carats was discovered in 1976 the same year the first satellite to Mars was launched in America and is owned by a private collector. The diamond was named the “Martain Pink Diamond” to honour the event. The “Martain Pink Diamond” is so rare, that it’s only one of two known large round shaped pink diamonds. To add to the diamonds rareness, it has no secondary colour, like most pink diamonds do with either hints of purple, orange or grey. This pink diamond is extremely rare as it’s one of only two known round pink diamonds in the world, with the other being the Williamson Pink Diamond weighing 23.60 carats given to Queen Elizabeth II in 1947 as a wedding gift.