From April 13th to 17th a stunning 10 carat, radiant cut fancy light pink/purplish diamond will be showcased at a jeweller in Canada. The radiant cut diamond is owned by a private collector and is beautifully mounted on a platinum ring. The diamond is roughly worth $2.52 million update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = £1.6 million).

rare radiant cut pink diamond

Rare radiant cut pink diamond

The pink diamond was cut into a 10 carat radiant diamond from a large 21.35 pink diamond found in a South African mine – which is the world’s largest pink diamond ever to be mined. The pink diamond took diamond cutters three and a half months to cut into the radiant shape. A pink diamond like this, as some will know is extremely rare. It’s so rare that the famous diamond auction house Christie’s said in their 244 year history, have only auctioned 18 polished and cut pink diamonds that are over 10 carats. The radiant cut pink diamond is even larger than the recent rare pink diamond mined in the Australian Argyle mine.