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The Beauty of the Royal Asscher Cut Diamond engagement Ring

The classic style and cut of the Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring is designed to draw the eye into the diamond. The Assher diamond looks great either set as a solitaire engagement ring, shoulder set diamond engagement ring or a three stone diamond engagement ring. For security the Asscher cut diamond on an engagement ring is usually set in a 4 claw prong setting, which is perfect to show the shape and the sparkle of the diamond, as light will reflect from all angles. The Asscher cut diamond was created in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland. The brothers Joseph and Abraham Asscher became the 20th century’s most prodigious diamond experts and formed the company, known as the Asscher Diamond Company. The diamond cut has the same step cut and cropped edges as the emerald diamond but in a square shape – known as the “square emerald cut”. In 1980 the Asscher Diamond Company was given a Royal Title from Queen Juliana of Holland. It’s has only been till recent that the Asscher cut diamond engagement ring has gained popularity, after it was featured as an engagement ring on the television show “Sex in the City”

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Here are some of the designs of Asscher cut engagement rings we have we have available. asscher cut diamond engagement ring A solitare style Asscher cut diamond engagement ring held in a claw setting. asscher cut engagement rings This Asscher cut engagement ring is beautifully channel set on the shoulder of the ring with round brilliant diamonds. asscher cut diamond ring The shoulders on this Asscher cut diamond ring are cut down set with round brilliant diamonds. asscher cut engagement ring This solitaire Asscher cut engagement ring is elegantly mounted on a knife edged band, which is curved on the inside for extra comfort. asscher diamond engagement ring The pavé set shoulders on this Asscher diamond engagement ring are tapered. three stone asscher cut engagement ring This Asscher cut diamond engagement ring is flaked with two baguette diamonds and mounted on a Wedfit band – designed for standard wedding rings to fit perfectly with no gaps in-between.

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