Jennifer Lopez Wears a 50.40ct Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring Worth $2.1 million

Jennifer Lopez has always wore striking diamonds, especially coloured diamonds, but last week she wore one of the most impressive sparklers we have seen her wear – a 50.40 carat rare fancy yellow diamond mounted on a ring. jennifer lopez wears a rare yellow diamond She married Ben Affleck with a beautiful pink diamond engagement ring and Marc Anthony with a stunning blue diamond engagement ring. The singer/actress was given the $2.1 million update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = £1.3 million) yellow diamond ring to wear last week on an episode of American Idol.

jennifer lopez yellow diamond ring

A close up image of the rare radiant cut diamond weighing 50.40 carat, beautifully set on an 18 carat yellow gold and ebony wood ring mount

The rare yellow diamond on the ring was found in South African mines. After the rare diamond had been discovered it was flown to New York, where it was beautifully cut into the radiant diamond shape and set by experts in a unique 18-karat yellow gold and ebony wood ring setting. The fancy yellow diamond has also been certificated by the Gemmological Institute of America update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = GIA)