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Eternity Ring Setting Types

Diamond eternity rings were originally designed to symbolize the love and devotion between a married couple or either a mother and child. Eternity rings are either set with diamonds all the way around the band – full diamond eternity rings or with diamonds half way set across the visible side of the ring – half diamond eternity rings.

Eternity Ring Settings

Eternity rings can either be set with diamonds half way around the band or the full way around the band. There are four main eternity ring setting types – claw set, channel set, pavé set and cut down set. All the different eternity ring setting type are designed to hold different diamond shapes and usually made in platinum or 18 carat white and yellow gold.

diamond eternity ring settings

Half and full set diamond eternity rings

Claw Set Eternity Rings

Claw set eternity rings are perhaps the most traditional of setting. To hold the diamonds securely in place on the eternity ring four prongs rise up from the band. The major benefit of claw set eternity rings is that they can easily hold most diamond shapes and sizes.

claw set eternity ring

Half diamond claw set eternity ring

Channel Set Diamond Eternity Ring

The diamonds on a channel set eternity ring are placed into a metal channel where the stones flow in a continuous row as no metal is used to separate them. The diamonds are set right against each other with no prongs so the stones look like they are invisibly set.

full diamond channel set eternity ring

Full diamond channel set eternity ring

Pavé Set Diamond Eternity Rings

Pavé set eternity rings come from the word ‘pavement’ as the diamonds on a pave set eternity ring are set like cobble stones laid down close together. The diamonds are set in clusters with encrusted small diamonds creating extra sparkle and dazzle.

pave set eternity ring

pavé set eternity ring

Cut Down Eternity Ring Settings

cut down eternity ring

cut down eternity ring

Cut down set eternity rings have no visible strip of metal either side of the diamonds.

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