The First Diamond to be Engraved with the Queens Portrait

The daily Science news section in The Guardian reported on chemistry professor, Martyn Pollakoff, who is the first person to etch a portrait of the Queen on to a diamond to mark the diamond jubilee celebrations. The portrait the professor used is the same used on the postage stamps and UK currency. The professor said the diamond he used was tiny, and unlike diamonds for jewellery the diamond was cut into a triangular prison shape. To etch the Queens portrait on the diamond the professor said he used an engraving machine, which uses accelerated ions of galleon, which can engrave an image on any surface.

queen portrait engraved diamond

The portrait on the queen engraved into the diamond

The Queens portrait on the diamond measures 64 microns in width and 92 microns in length, which means to see it you need a microscope. The diamond will either be sent to the Queen or sent to be at the diamond jubilee exhibition.