Getting to Grips with Diamond Colour Grades

When referring to white diamonds there colour grading is based on the lack of colour to grade the whiteness on the diamond. Diamond colour, part of the four characteristics of a diamond is a factor that effects quality. Most diamonds do have hints of colour shining out of them update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = mostly hints of yellow and brown) but subtle colour differences have a big impact on the price of a diamond.

Diamond Colour Chart

The diamond colour chart below shows the different grades used to determine the colour of a white diamond. As you can see the highest possible colour a white diamond can be graded is a D, while the lowest is a Z update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = most Jewellers only go down to a J) D coloured diamonds have the least amount of colour, which is a higher grade for a white diamond. Where as the lowest grade is Z, which contains the most colour. D graded diamonds are completely colourless and since the 1700s have always been higher valued for their rarity and purity.

diamond colour chart

Diamond colour grading for white diamonds

Diamond graders determine diamond colour, by positioning the diamond face down in a lighting unit so the diamond body colour can be evaluated.

Buying tips for Diamond Colour

  • Always remember D graded diamonds are the highest and rarest colour grade so will be more expensive but completely colourless.
  • If you want the purest look of a colourless diamond, go for a D-F diamond colour grade.
  • If you want excellent value in the diamond you buy, with little noticeable colour, choose grades G-I as they are near-colourless diamond colour grades.
  • The difference in diamonds with colour grades between G to H and I to J are very little to the naked eye, but the savings can be significant.
  • If you are purchasing a white diamond with a high diamond carat weight, colours in the diamond will be more visible to the naked eye.
  • Different diamond shapes that have more angles, so therefore reflect more light update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = round cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds) can often mask some colour.