One of the Oldest Diamonds in the World is Expected to Sell for £2.5 Million

One of the words oldest diamonds dating back to the 16th century the “Beau Sancy” is up for sale at Sotheby’s auction house and is expected to reach $4 million update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = £2.5 million).

pear-shaped diamond

The 400 year old pear-shaped diamond with 110 identical and symmetrical facets

The diamond is a rare large pear-shaped sparkler, currently held in a 4-claw pendant setting. The diamond weights an exceptional 34.98 carats. In its 400 hundred years of existing, the diamond has a fascinating history through royalty. The sale has been called “a once-in-a-lifetime sale” by David Bennett – Sotheby’s jewellery chairman. Back when the gem was first discovered from the famous gem mines in the Indian city of Golconda, cut into a pear-shape it became the most sought-after diamond jewel of its era. The first person to purchase the diamond off its original owner – Lord of Sancy, back in 1604 was French King Henri IV as a gift to his wife Marie de Medici. The remarkable diamond has also been owned by England’s House of Orange and descendants of the last emperor of Germany. Beau Sancy diamond If you want to see this rare diamond it’s currently on display in Paris, but will be travelling to London and Zurich before it gets auctioned off in Geneva on May 14.