Fancy Blue Diamond Tops Sotheby’s Recent Magnificent Jewels Sale

A fancy blue SI1 diamond weighing 3.45 carats has exceeded its expectations at Sotheby’s recent ‘Magnificent Jewels Sale’. The rare fancy blue coloured cushion-shaped diamond was dubbed the ‘top item,’ selling for $2,434.500 update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = £1,505.566) reaching nearly five times its original estimate price – $0.5 million. fancy blue diamond Sotheby’s auction house has said the result of the sale is a “record breaking price for fancy blue diamond”. The blue diamond is beautifully mounted on a platinum ring and held securely in place with platinum claws that compliment the shape of the diamond. Another leading item at Sotheby’s recent ‘Magnificent Jewels Sale’ was a fancy pink diamond, with a brilliant cut and a rectangular shape, also set in a platinum ring. The pink diamond weighs an impressive 6.03 carats. The ring the diamond is set on is also surrounded by smaller round diamonds that are near colourless. The diamond ring had a estimated sale price of $0.9-1.1 million but sold for $1.08 million update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = £666,831.316)