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The Steven Stone blog

The latest news, expert advice and stories from our customers.

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Remodelling a Beautiful Yellow Diamond Ring

Recently a customer wanted a 5.32 carat square brilliant cut yellow diamond set in a bi-metal yellow and white gold ring, remodelled into a new ring setting, with smaller diamonds surrounding the main yellow diamond. The original Yellow Diamond Ring Setting The original ring setting for the yellow...

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Diamond & Jewels at Christies London Sale of Important Jewels

To celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee Christies auction house in London will host a ‘Sale of Important Jewels’. The sale is taking place on June 13th and will feature a host of royal and aristocratic jewels that span four centuries. There will be a total of 368 lots of royal jewels on ...

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How to Design Your Own Interlocking Wedding Ring

Interlocking wedding rings are a popular choice for many brides to be as it allows the wedding ring and the diamond engagement ring to slot together to create one ring. Many choose to design their of interlocking engagement ring and wedding ring sets to ensure the design and diamonds match their ...

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Interlocking Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

Interlocking engagement and wedding ring sets are a popular choice for brides to be as the two rings perfectly join together to be incorporated into one ring. Sometimes a couple purchasing an engagement ring together will select a design that will interlock with a specially designed wedding band ...

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Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings we have Manufactured

Three stone diamond engagement rings are a classic choice for a romantic marriage proposal, as the engagement ring style is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Although some three-stone diamond rings are set with three diamonds of equal sizes, the more common variation are sets with a larger center ...

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Royal jewels Made from the World’s Largest Cullinan Diamond

To celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee next month a collection of stunning jewels set with diamonds cut from the famous Cullinan Diamond - the largest diamond in the world will be on exhibition for the first time at Buckingham Palace. The Cullinan Diamond, mined in 1905 in South Africa, is the...

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Remodelling Old Cut Diamonds into a Dazzling Pendant

A lot of customers come to us with diamonds set in different jewellery they either use to wear or have inherited, to have them re-modelled into, bespoke designed jewellery. Here’s an example of a customer who had five old cut round diamonds re-set into a pendant, which is shown below. [caption...

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An Interlocking Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

We recently made this marquise diamond engagement ring for a customer, who wanted a unique contemporary style solitaire engagement ring. The customer wanted the engagement ring to feature a brilliant cut marquise diamond as the centre stone. We designed the ring so that the diamond is held in a ...

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All About Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The emerald cut diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings. The emerald diamond is considered the most classic shape and cut of a diamond. The most attractive feature about an emerald cut diamond is its unique rectangular shape and step cut facets that highlight the clarity of the diamond. The...

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Remodelling an old Diamond into a Modern Ring Setting

This contemporary diamond ring was made for a customer who wanted a diamond she original had to be re-set into a modern designed diamond ring. The customer worked with our in-house jewellery designed to discuss the type of setting and band the customer wanted her round diamond to be set in, she ...

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