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Diamond Encrusted Gold Coins to Celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee

To celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee 60 minted diamond encrusted gold coin with the Queens head and jubilee dates on has been created. The coin goes much further then commemorative cups and or tea towels with a price tag of £125,000! An East Indian company has created 60 of the coins to mark the 60 years Queen Elizabeth II has been the Queen of The United Kingdom – since her coronation in 1952. Even though each coin is on sale for £125,000 the company have said the coins have had ‘brisk and determined interest from gold investors and monarchist collectors across the globe.

gold queens diamond jubilee coin

The gold diamond jubilee coin encrusted with diamonds

Each gold coin weighs a kilo and features the head of the Queen wearing a tiara, necklace and brooch all encrusted with small round brilliant cut diamonds. The outside of the gold coin also has the words ‘Elizabeth Regina, Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012’ The company has also released 60 of the same coins with the same design but in sliver at a much more affordable price of £25.00.
silver diamond jubilee coin

The same coin but for much cheaper made with silver

The coins will be presented to the buyers in a bespoke presentation box, beautifully sat on royal purple velvet along with a book telling the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 year region.

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