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Remodelling an old Diamond into a Modern Ring Setting

This contemporary diamond ring was made for a customer who wanted a diamond she original had to be re-set into a modern designed diamond ring. The customer worked with our in-house jewellery designed to discuss the type of setting and band the customer wanted her round diamond to be set in, she also wanted the shoulders of the band to be set with diamonds. Our designer then created various arrangements of the round diamond re-mounted in different modern ring settings on CAD update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = computer aided design) so that the customer could visualise what the ring would look like once it was made.

The chosen design of the contemporary diamond ring re-modelled

In-order to create a mordend looking ring the diamond is held in a rub-over setting which is mounted on a heavy weight thick, 18 carat white gold band. There is a total of 14 round brilliant diamonds on the shoulder of the band, which are pavé set with seven on each side. The round brilliant diamonds on the shoulders also taper inwards from the top to the bottom.

Cast - before the diamonds were set and the ring was polished and rhodium plated

Once the design was finalised, we printed a wax 3-D version of the ring with the diamond settings. Using the lost wax process we cast the ring into 18 carat white gold, as you can see in the image below. The image above shows the new modern ring from a side angle and back angle. The side angle shows how the diamonds on the shoulders of the thick 18 carat white gold band have been tapered and the centre diamonds round bezel/rub over setting. If you have some old diamond or other gem stones and fancy getting it re-modelled into a completely new jewellery piece, whether it’s a modern or vintage style, visit our bespoke jewellery services for more information.

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