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An Interlocking Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

We recently made this marquise diamond engagement ring for a customer, who wanted a unique contemporary style solitaire engagement ring. The customer wanted the engagement ring to feature a brilliant cut marquise diamond as the centre stone. We designed the ring so that the diamond is held in a twist setting, where the band crosses over to hold the diamond in place. To add to a modern look we made the engagement ring in 18 carat white gold.

Marquise diamond engagement ring with crossover setting

Marquise diamond engagement ring with crossover setting

We suggested the twist setting and ring design to go with a shaped wedding ring that would perfectly fit with the engagement ring.

diamond shaped wedding ring

The diamond shaped wedding ring to fit with the engagement ring before and after the cast was polished and rhodium coated

The wedding ring was shaped and designed to interlock with the marquise diamond engagement ring to complete a wedding and engagement ring set. The image above shows the shape of the wedding ring we made in 18 carat white gold designed to perfectly lock together with the engagement ring. The image also shows the cast of the wedding ring in white gold before our goldsmith rhodium coated and polished the ring.

marquise diamond engagement ring with interlocking shaped wedding ring

Marquise diamond engagement ring with interlocking shaped wedding ring

The image above shows how the wedding ring and engagement ring beautifully link together when worn on the finger to create this unique, contemporary matching wedding set. The marquise diamond centre stone is held in two V-prong settings and weighs 0.51 carats, has a colour grade D and a clarity grade VVS2, which was all graded and certified by GIA diamond graders (Gemological Institute of America).

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