Souvenir Precious Metal Bars to Celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee

In celebration of the Queens Diamond JubileeCookson Gold – the supplier of precious metals is offering its customers special commemorative souvenir bars in two different precious metals featuring the special Queens Jubilee hallmar The bars are available to buy in solid sterling silver and 9 carat gold with the same pattern. The bars also come complete with a collector’s presentation box. As the diamond jubilee precious metal bars are exclusive with only a limited number been made, they will retain or even increase in value in the future as they will become a collectable item.

9 carat gold bars in presentation box to celebrate the queens diamond jubilee

9 carat gold bars in presentation box to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

special silver bars to celebrate the queen's diamond jubilee

Special silver bars to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

The bars of gold and silver are 15mm by 23mm in size and weigh 5gms each. The company decided to create the jubilee hallmarked bars, after the success of the Royal wedding bars they sold last year for the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William which were also produced in silver and gold featuring an engraving of Prince Williams’s official coat of arms with inscriptions. So if you are a collector of royal souvenirs or fancy buying a quirky memorabilia gift of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, these gold bars are the perfect gift for you.