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Royal jewels Made from the World’s Largest Cullinan Diamond

To celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee next month a collection of stunning jewels set with diamonds cut from the famous Cullinan Diamond – the largest diamond in the world will be on exhibition for the first time at Buckingham Palace. The Cullinan Diamond, mined in 1905 in South Africa, is the largest rough diamond ever found in the world, that weighed an incredible 3,106.75 carats and measured 4 inches by 2.5 inches. The Cullinan diamond was originally mined by Thomas Powell. At first the diamond was thought to be a worthless crystal, due to its immense size, until a closer inspection reviled the gem was in fact a genuine diamond. So you can see the scale of the Cullian Diamond when it was mined, a glass model replica will also be on display at the palace, along with the jewels.

Crystal replica of the Cullinan diamond

Crystal replica of the Cullinan diamond

Soon after the rough diamond was discovered it was sent to Buckhingham Palace for inspection by King Edward VII. The stone was entrusted with IJ Asscher of Amsterdam to be cut, which was not an easy process. After eight months of hard work a total of 1,055.8 carats were cut from the gem. The first gem to be cut was the flawless diamond held in the Sovereign’s Sceptre and the Imperial State Crown, formally presented to King Edward VII at Windsor Castle. Each of the jewels cut from the Cullinan stone were given to the Queen on her coronation in 1953, making this the most fitting exhibition to celebrate the diamond jubilee.

Royal Jewels cut from the Cullinan Diamond

The Imperial State Crown and the Sovereign’s Sceptre the Queen wore at her coronation in 1953.

imperial state crown

Imperial state crown holding a diamond cut from the Cullinan diamond

The Queens Sovereign’s Sceptre

The Queens Sovereign’s Sceptre used at her coronation with a large diamond cut from the Cullinan diamond

A brooch featuring a 94.4 carat pear-shaped diamond and a 63.3 carat cushion cut diamond, originally on the crown of Queen Mary in 1910, but most often have been worn hooked together as a drop pendant style brooch.
Cullinan IV Brooch – 94.4 carats Pear-shaped and 63.6 carat cushion cut diamond mounted on a drop pendant brooch

Cullinan IV Brooch – 94.4 carats Pear-shaped and 63.6 carat cushion cut diamond mounted on a drop pendant brooch

A heart shaped diamond cut from the Cullinan diamond weighing 18.8 carats, which has been mounted on a platinum web designed brooch with pavé set diamond borders and impressive round brilliant diamonds. The brooch was originally worn by Queen Mary, but is now worn by the Queen.
cullian heart shaped diamond brooch

Cullinan V Brooch- 18.18 carat heart shaped diamond mounted on a platinum web design with surrounding round diamonds and pavé set diamonds.

A pear-shaped diamond that’s the smallest cut Cullinan stone weighing 4.4 carats. The diamond is set in a platinum ring and held in a 12-claw setting, made for Queen Mary in 1911.
smallest cut Cullinan diamond ring

Smallest cut Cullinan diamond ring featuring a pear-shaped diamond held in a 12-claw setting

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