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Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings we have Manufactured

Three stone diamond engagement rings are a classic choice for a romantic marriage proposal, as the engagement ring style is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Although some three-stone diamond rings are set with three diamonds of equal sizes, the more common variation are sets with a larger center stone with two smaller accent stones.

Three Stone Engagement Ring Meaning

Three stone diamond engagement rings also known as trilogy engagement rings are believed to symbolise the past, present and the future of a couple that plan to embark on married life together. A three stone diamond ring will typical feature three diamond set next to each other, with a large centre diamond or three diamonds all the same size in carat weight. Check out some of the three stone engagement rings we have manufactured for our customers This first three stone engagement ring beautifully features a dazling round brilliant cut centre diamond beauifully held in a 4-claw setting and mounted on a court shaped 18 carat white gold band. The engagement rings two smaller round brilliant diamonds are elegantly set either side of the centre stone in claw settings.

three stone engagement ring

18 carat white gold round brilliant diamond three stone ring

This elegant three stone engagement features three beautifully set princess cut diamonds each held in prong settings complimenting the square shape of the diamond. This style of engagement ring features a unique sweeping style twist setting that holds the diamonds in place.
3 stone engagement ring

18 ct white gold, 3 stone, princess cut, 4 claw setting

This dazzling three diamond engagement ring is elegantly set with an oval shaped diamond held in an 18 carat white gold 4-claw setting and mounted on a wedding ring fit band. The two smaller pear-shaped side diamonds are also beautifully claw set.
three stone diamond engagement ring

18ct w gld, wed fit, three stone ring, oval centre stone and pearshaped shoulder stones

This trilogy diamond engagement ring is beautifully set with a classic emerald cut diamond flanked with two smaller baguette diamonds.
three stone engagement rings

Platinum emerald cut three stone with baguett shoulders 0

We can make any design of three stone diamond engagement ring, with various diamond shapes made by us in-house using either 18 carat white and yellow gold or platinum.

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