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Remodelling a Beautiful Yellow Diamond Ring

Recently a customer wanted a 5.32 carat square brilliant cut yellow diamond set in a bi-metal yellow and white gold ring, remodelled into a new ring setting, with smaller diamonds surrounding the main yellow diamond.

The original Yellow Diamond Ring Setting

The original ring setting for the yellow diamond was composed of a flat shaped white gold band with the yellow diamond set in yellow gold. The yellow diamond was also flanked with two diamond side stones set in white gold.

yellow diamond ring

The original mount that held the yellow diamond

The New Diamond Ring Setting Cast in White Gold

We designed the new ring and setting type on the computer, so that the yellow diamond was surrounded by smaller round diamonds and the shoulders of the ring were also set with smaller round brilliant diamonds. The design of the ring was then printed into a 3D wax model so that the ring could be cast in gold by means of the lost wax casting process. The ring and the settings were all cast in 18 carat white gold.

fancy yellow diamond ring

The new mount cast into 18 carat white gold before it was polished and rhodium coated

The Finished Yellow Diamond Ring

Once the ring was cast ready and to be polished and set with all the diamonds, to give the yellow diamond a deeper colour we shaped and soldered yellow gold on the back where the diamond sits. The colour of the yellow gold reflects through the diamond giving it more colour and brilliance. We also soldered four 18 carat yellow gold claws on to the back setting to hold the yellow diamond in place. Our gold smith drilled holes in the white gold surrounding the diamond and the shoulders of the ring to pavé set the smaller round brilliant cut diamonds. In total the shoulder set and surrounding round diamond weigh 1 carat.

yellow diamond ring

The finished fancy yellow diamond ring with surrounding and shoulder set round brilliant cut diamonds

Fancy yellow diamond ring yellow diamond ring

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