An Every Occasion Diamond and Sapphire Earrings and Pendant Set

A customer wanted us to create a matching earring and pendant set combining a dazzling diamond and beautiful sapphire that would be an ideal accessory for any occasion. The customer worked with our jewellery designer to discuss the diamonds, sapphires and setting type for the matching earrings and pendant. The customer wanted the earrings and pendant to feature princess cut diamonds and square cut sapphires. The diamond and sapphires are set in 18 carat white gold bezel settings, which involves a white gold rim encircling the sides and corners of the square sapphire and diamond shape to hold the gems securely in place.

sapphire and diamond pendant and earrings

Wax model of the earrings and pendant setting

Once the setting for the earrings and pendant were designed on the computer and were the right size to fit the diamond and sapphires, we printed them into wax 3D models. The wax models of the earrings and pendant set were then used to create a mould, by burning out the wax in investment solution to create a reverse mould of the wax model. We then used our casting machine to pour the 18 carat white gold into the moulds of the earrings and pendant to create the settings.

Diamond and Sapphire Earrings

diamond and sapphire earrings

diamond and sapphire earrings

Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

diamond and sapphire pendant

Diamond and sapphire pendant

Our Gold smith then set the diamonds and sapphires into the earrings and pendant setting. The Diamond and sapphire earrings are beautifully set with two princess cut diamonds totalling 1.14 carats and two deep blue square cut sapphires totalling 0.33 carats. The pendant matching the earrings is set with a dazzling 0.25 carat princess cut diamond and a square cut sapphire weighing 1.21 carats.

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