Everyone wants their marriage proposal to be memorable and perfect, so if you are looking for some inspiration for a unique marriage proposal check out this 5-mile-long skywriting marriage proposal in New York. While people were in Central Park last week, six small planes appeard in the sky and began puffing perfect rows of white fluff across the blue sky spelling the words “Christine Will U Marry Me” in a 5-mile stretch. Once the aeroplanes had finished everyone in the park erupted into cheers. Skywriting services like this are referred to as a ‘Tag-on’ and includes a 25 character message, costing between $1800 – $2500. Although the message appears to be a normal size, each letter is as tall as the Empire State Building and the message is clear for anyone to see in a 15 mile radios. Although skywriting marriage proposals are not completely unique, they’re still very much a special thing that would wow anyone.